30 March 2011

When will we learn? Or, will we ever learn?

It should be abundantly clear to everyone now that the U.S. involvement in Libya is not limited to the creation and enforcement of a no-fly zone. "Adm. James Stavridis admitted that, while allied forces were not yet considering the deployment of troops on the ground in Libya, it was a possibility." Furthermore, the Washington Post reports that the U.S. is using planes to bomb Gaddafi's ground forces focusing their effort on "halting advances by government ground forces in and around key coastal cities". It would seem that the U.S., while not directly fighting Gaddafi, is in fact allied with his enemies, even going so far as to consider arming them despite reports that the rebels are comprised, at least in part, of members of Al Qaeda.

I'm reminded of this clip from The Daily Show a few years back:

As Glenn Greenwald points out this morning:
The real question is the wisdom of this escalated involvement. How many times do we have to arm one side of a civil war -- only for that side to then become our Enemy five or ten or fifteen years later -- before we learn not to do that any more? I wrote earlier on Twitter, ironically, that one good outcome from arming the Libyan rebels is that it will lay the foundation for our new war 10 years from now -- when Commander-in-Chief George Prescott Bush or Chelsea Clinton announce that we must wage war to stop the Libyan faction from threatening its neighbors and supporting Terrorism (with the weapons we provided them back in 2011). One of the most reliable ways that the posture of Endless War has been sustained is by our flooding the world with our weapons, only to then identify various recipients as our new (well-armed) enemy. Whether this is a feature or a bug, it is a very destructive outcome of our endless and always-escalating involvement in military conflicts around the world.

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  1. I was just thinking a few years ago about how George P. Bush would be a good candidate for Republicans. Also thinking back to the picture of George H. W. Bush with Saddam Hussein


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